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Tru 2014

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write about the white


It’s all the rage. It’s everywhere and all the time and more good white people are getting sick and tired of hearing about it.

Which is totally the point.


Is the kind of work we need to do


has been repeating in my head for days,

actually, years.

and HERE

is a story about one of its early dawnings for me

But right now, in my day to day, the difference in color between my partner and me is remarkable in that it practically isn’t. There are a million ways in which we are exactly the same but walking through life for her is very different than it is for me. It’s harder.

And there’s no reason for it.

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October, I hardly knew ye.

How is it that February should feel the longest, being the shortest, and October goes by in a flash? I wait all year and before I can turn around it is a gold and red tinged memory, floating down the street on a cold, rainy, windy November Friday.

Although it is somehow 70 degrees today, and humid.And that’s weird. and worse.

I spent this October ‘living in the moment’ which is what we are all supposed to yearn for except that means there are some 2000 as yet unedited, rated or shared photos, which, from a professional standpoint, means I may as well have not taken them.

So hello November. Hello cold and rainy. Hello time of year to hunker down, settle in, and export. Time to go back to the balance. Seeing, being, AND sharing. One doesn’t work without the others.

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Maya 14 months

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Merric’s 2 year old photo shoot.